首 页新闻资讯通知公告服务项目联系我们人才中心关于我们会员中心关于我们Huan Xun International Freight Co., Ltd. is approved by the Ministry of Commerce, a freight forwarding company.The company is committed to international logistics services, customized logistics solutions for the enterprise, providing a full range of logistics solutions in place, specializing in international shipping, international air operations based, integrated logistics, warehousing, customs clearance and other cargo related businesses of perfect.Huan Xun International Freight Co., Ltd in China, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the central and northern China has many branches, operational from all over China to import and export cargo transportation worldwide, especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Deltaimport and export business, has a wealth of operational experience and the carrier power.After years of efforts, now the company has an experienced and proficient team of logistics professionals with industry standards and good credit guarantee.We also have a more comprehensive global network of freight forwarding services ....

  During our strength with, many shipping companies have signed preferential tariff agreements with us, including COSCO, MSC, OOCL, PIL, APL, ZIM, WANHAI, CMA, HYUNDAI, MAERSK, KMTC, NYK, HANJIN, TSL, EVERGREEN, etc..Our company, especially in Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Europe, the Mediterranean, the U.S. line, Africa, Latin America and other route has a strong advantage.

  At the same time with major airlines to maintain long-term close co-operation, and with dozens of international airlines (CX, BR, CV, CI, TG, GF, BI, KQ, EK, MH, JL, AA, UPS ...) and somelong-term domestic airlines (charter / package board), has plenty of space and competitive tariffs.In addition, the Hong Kong airport, the airlines flying agents around the world route, to provide safe and fast world of international air cargo services.And proficiency in the operation of the airport procedures, global air routes and market trends so that our air service the most effective protection.

  Our company has a strong and strict operating system .It has high-quality management personnel, experienced and professional operation team, advanced computer processing system.From the quotation, booking, pick up, customs clearance, documentation, providing two-way information, cargo tracking, issue of air and ocean bills of lading, and import customs clearance, delivery, road transport by hand for special posts, and warehouses, customs, localbranch office, the link between the foreign agent interface to communicate all rely on computer networks.Company managers pay close attention to the overall operation, constantly check whether all sectors of operation rules, whether you need to transport goods to where, rapid, reliable always our pursuit, you can enjoy "iPS international" quality service.


  我司凭借自身实力,与多家船公司签訂特惠运价协定,其中包括COSCO, MSC, OOCL, PIL, APL, ZIM, WANHAI, CMA, HYUNDAI,MAERSK,KMTC ,NYK,HANJIN,T.S.L,EVERGREEN等。我司尤其在东南亚,日韩,中东,印巴,欧洲,地中海,美线,非洲,中南美等航线具有很强的优势。

  同時与各主要航空公司保持长期的紧密合作,且与几十家国际航空公司 (CX、BR、CV、CI、TG、GF、BI、KQ、EK、MH、JL、AA、UPS… ) 和部分国内航空公司长期合作(包机/包板),拥有充裕的舱位和有竞争力的运价。此外,还代理香港机场各航空公司飞世界各地航线,向全球客户提供快捷安全的国际货物空运服务。并熟练掌握各空港运作程序、全球空运航线及市场动向,使我们的空运服务得到最有力的保障。

  我司具有强大且严谨的操作体系。公司拥有高素质管理人员,经验丰富的专业操作队伍,先进的计算机处理系统。从报价、订舱、接载、报关、制单、提供二程信息、货物追踪、签发空运 与海运提单、及进口清关、提货、陆路运输均由专人专岗负责,与仓库、海关、各地分公司、办事处、国外代理公司之间各环节的衔接全部依靠计算机网络沟通。公司管理人员密切关注整体运作,时刻检查各环节是否符合操作规程,无论您的货物需要运到何地,迅速、可靠永远是我们的追求,您都能享受到"环迅国际"的优质服务。

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